Project Photos

Photo documentation of our projects. Includes alternative energy experiments, DIY solar water heaters, geodesic dome construction, building a solar shower, trailer skirting and other off-grid projects. Also includes our new passive solar greenhouse and recent endeavors in organic gardening.
Building a Solar Panel
Alternative Energy Club Project. Photos August 2006.
Building a Wind Generator
Alternative Energy Club Project. Photos September 2006.
Drilling Our Water Well
Willis Drilling and Pump drilled our fresh water well. Photos December 2007.
Food Storage
Photos of our long term food storage and vacuum sealer. We have made a practice of buying in bulk and keeping at least 3 months worth of food on hand.
Garden Irrigation
As part of our organic gardening project we installed a sprinkler irrigation system in the garden and drip irrigation in the greenhouse. Photos July 2007.
Garden Photos
Colorful garden photos from our organic gardening project. July 2007.
Geodesic Dome Assembly
Erecting the Geodesic Dome. Photos May 2006.
Geodesic Dome Construction
Photos from our first experiment in building a geodesic structure. March 2006.
Geodesic Dome Cover
Building our homemade geodesic dome cover. Photos May 2006.
Hydrogen Generator
Photos of the hydrogen generator, February 2007.
Installing our Phone Line
Installing the phone line on our land. Photos September 2006.
Installing Our Homestead Utilities
Installing our solar powered submersible well pump, 1600 gallon water storage tank, Pex water lines, septic, phone and data lines. Photos Summer 2007.
Land Survey
Photos from our land survey. Calculating, measuring and marking the boundaries. March 2006.
Photos of the lights that we use in our off the grid home. Includes a photo of our homemade LED lightbulb.
Official Land Survey
Official survey markers of our homestead property. December 2006.
Ogranic Gardening
Organic garden beds, plant irrigation system and desert gardening methods. Photos May 2007.
Outdoor Sink
Photo of the outdoor sink.
Passive Solar Greenhouse Modifications
Remodeling a greenhouse to give it passive solar qualities. Photos May 2007.
Plywood Trailer Skirt
Building our second plywood skirt for our travel trailer. Photos November 2006.
Projects with Joan and Rich
Building our outdoor solar shower, constructing a picnic table, and sealing the roof of our travel trailer. Photos August 2006.
Septic System
Installing the septic system at the site of our future homestead. Photos March 2007.
Solar Hot Water Batch Collector
Photos of the construction of our solar hot water batch collector. November 2005.
Solar Hot Water Flat Panel Collector
Building our first solar hot water heater. Flat panel collector. Photos 2005.
Solar Ovens
Alternative Energy Club Project. Photos from our Solar Cook Out. Summer 2006.
Solar Panel Installation
Installing new solar panels for a friend. Photos April 2006.
Staking Out Buildings
Staking out the buildings on our sustainable homestead. Photos January 2007.
Winterizing Our Travel Trailer
Photos of travel trailer skirting and homemade vent pillows.
Visit with Tom and Karen
Homestead visitors and summer fun. Photos June 2007.
Simple Solar Hot Water Solution
Simple Solar Hot Water Solution. Photos July 2008.