Earlier Projects

Completed projects & experiments.
Installing Solar Panels
In February 2006 I installed 2 panels for a friend of ours. This is a brief overview of that process.
Installing a 2000 Watt Inverter
In January of 2006 we purchased and installed a 2000 Watt Inverter so that we could power our new (and small) microwave oven.
Skirting the Trailer
Our first winter here in the trailer was cold... very cold at times. Installing plywood skirting around the base of the trailer has made our 2005/2006 winter experience far more enjoyable and energy efficient.
Rewiring the Trailer's Furnace
The travel trailer we lived in during the winter of 2005/2006 is equipped with a 12 volt DC furnace. Originally we were not able to operate the forced air furnace off our 12 volt solar electric system. I was able to rewire the feed to the furnace with larger gauge wire and we are now able to use the furnace with our solar electric system.
Upgrading Our Solar Power System
In the fall of 2005 I redesigned our solar power system to be more efficient and capable of powering our trailer's 12 volt DC furnace. We added 3 new AGM batteries, a fused power distribution panel and greatly reduced the length of wire in our entire system.
Running a Water Feed to the Trailer
For over 6 months we filled our trailer's 40 gallon water tank with a garden hose every other day. Running a water feed directly to the trailer was a major upgrade.
Our First Solar Hot Water Experiment
In April 2005 we constructed a primative solar hot water system that functioned quite well up until a sudden and deep freeze in early November 2005.