The Quest for Sustainable Living

We began this site to document and share our learnings as we begin a wondrous experimental lifestyle exploring the limitations of sustainable living.

We hope that in the future we will be producing much of our food, all of our electricity, methane to replace our use of propane, & perhaps even our own motor fuel. As we dabble with new technologies and participate in local projects we will strive to document what we learn using the Web and other multimedia tools.

We are now in the process of purchasing land and making plans to build a modest homestead.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Live simply.
  • Be happy and at peace.
  • Start with the basics.
  • Make do with what's available now.
  • Avoid going into debt.
  • Keep tax liabilities as low as possible.

After a year of spending a great deal of time in Arizona with our friends the Avalons we've chosen to begin building our dream existence here in Concho, Arizona. The landscape is diverse and the sky vast with plenty of sunny days. Concho is in the high desert of Northern Arizona -- not far from the Petrified Forest National Park.

Please take a look around our site. We hope you find this information useful, as well as inspiring. If you would like to receive our periodic e-newsletter click here to subscribe.

Thanks for stopping by. Be well!

In peace,

Patrick and Mel


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