Outdoor Cages for Breeding Rabbits

We plan to house indoor rabbit cages for our breeding rabbits in the barn. However the barn is not ready for rabbits and in the meantime we've built a temporary rabbit shelter on it's exterior. We've gotten all of our farm animals from neighbors, and often we haven't had much notice. It has kept us busy and moving at a much faster pace than we anticipated. On the upside we've been living on our land for just under a year, but already food production is underway!

Rabbits don't mind the cold, but can't tolerate heat. We built a roof over our temporary rabbit cages to keep the rabbits out of the sun and rain. The wire rabbit cages are attached to the side of the barn, but are propped away from the wall to maintain good air circulation.

We've rigged up a chute from a piece of old sheet metal that directs the droppings and urine through the floor of the wire rabbit cages and away from the unfinished wall of the barn. The droppings collect under the rabbit cages (which are located right next to the garden) and can be easily accessed when amending the soil. Rabbit droppings are not hot and can be mixed directly into garden soil.

Passive Solar Barn and Chicken Coop

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