The Original Concept

We are planning to build our home by starting with a 10' x 50' single-wide mobile home and then adding a greenhouse, deck, enclosed porch and cold room. Previously owned single-wides are abundant and affordable here in this part of Arizona and offer many of the features we are seeking in a home:

  • Affordable. We will likely spend less than $2000 for our initial 500 square feet of living space.
  • Single-story. Mel doesn't like stairs and if you have the space... why go up?
  • Modest size. Energy for Winter heating increases with the amount of space to be heated. Living in a smaller space requires less energy.
  • Long and rectangular. To make the most of passive solar energy you want as much Southern exposure as possible. We're hoping our future greenhouse (attached to the South side of the single-wide) will contribute a significant amount of winter heat to our living space.
  • We can work in stages. It's important that we can work on our homestead in stages. Starting with a contained structure and then adding onto it is the way many of our ancestors built their shelters.
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