Running a Water Feed into the Trailer

When we first came Avalon, our water system was less than ideal. Every two days we ran a garden hose from an outdoor spigot into the trailer's small water tank to replenish our water supply. The appeal of this tri-weekly rustic ritual quickly faded. To improve our situation, we ran a PVC pipe underground from the nearby tank into the trailer. The trailer's built-in pump automatically kicks on to carry water into the faucets when they are opened.

The 1600 gallon water tank that we hooked into also supplies water to the garden for irrigation, making it was necessary to install a series of shut-off valves for controlling water flow. In addition, a power supply line was buried with the PVC to provide electricity to a small garden pump that is used to carry irrigation water.

Without a doubt, both Patrick and I appreciated this upgrade. We are ever grateful to the Avalon's for inviting us to share their water supply system.