Winter is anything but warm in our temporary housing situation! Skirting the trailer and making RV vent pillows has helped us to reduce our fuel costs, though. We've posted several winterizing tips for anyone who is planning to winter in a travel trailer.
Skirting the Trailer
Our first winter here in the trailer was cold... very cold at times. Installing plywood skirting around the base of the trailer has made our 2005/2006 winter experience far more enjoyable and energy efficient.
How to Skirt a Travel Trailer
Steps for constructing and installing a plywood trailer skirt. Includes photos from our most recent trailer skirting projects and guidelines for making your own. Trailer skirting is an essential winterizing step that greatly reduces heating inefficiencies.
Winterizing Our Travel Trailer
Info on making your own vent pillows, how to block window drafts, as well as details on how to install a plywood trailer skirting. Read about winterizing strategies that will make your home more energy efficient and increase your home's overall fuel efficiency.

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