The House

We are planning to build an off grid solar powered house that is affordable and can be built in phases. We are exploring concepts of energy efficent home design, as well as various construction methods. Our house will be the most important structure on the homestead and we want to minimize its power requirements as much as possible.
The Original Concept
The original concept for our off grid home calls for affordability and modesty, as well as the incorporation of passive solar design.
Plan for Passive Solar Home and Garden - Version 1
Our future home will have many features to reduce our power needs. The floor plan is designed to promote ventilation and to capitalize on passive heating and cooling opportunities. Outdoor landscaping will feature a patio with cacti planters, while our back yard will be cultivated as an orchard for food producing trees.
Our Passive Solar House Plans - Version 2
In the process of creating these passive solar house plans we considered many different building materials and construction methods. We came to the conclusion that despite their appeal, adobe and strawbale are simply not practical for our situation. This version of our passive solar house plan incorporates four building phases and relies primarily on locally available building materials.
Passive Solar House Plans - Version 3
In the third version of our passive solar house plans we have considered a slightly more complex structure. We've designed plans for a 2 story passive solar home that includes a cinder block basement and south facing clerestory windows. We've also included electrical details and construction notes for our house plans.