First Homestead Photos

Photos from our first homestead on the Avalon land. We are still living off the grid in a travel trailer while we build our permanent home, though we have moved onto our property.

The Trailer

This is where we used to live.

First Shot of the Property...In the Snow


Our Rock Garden

One of our rock sculptures in front of our trailer.

Rock Garden Spirals

We recreate our rock garden on a regular basis. These spirals are in our "front yard".

Our 375 Watt Solar Panel Rig

These 3 solar panels produce 375 watts of power in direct sunlight. At one time this was our sole source of electricity.



The Satellite Dish

Our high-speed internet connection is satellite based.

Sunset on the Hill

One of the best sunsets that I've seen here so far.

Our Power Center

At one time this small charge controller was the center of our power system. It regulates the power flow from our solar panels into our AGM batteries.

Our Property Just Before Sunset


Trailer Skirting


Mel and Patrick


Water Line into the Trailer


Water Lines Coming Out of the Tank